DBA Accountants and DBA Wealth is based in Stirling, Western Australia. Team members work mostly in the office but with advanced technology, encrypted cloud and digital security systems some of the team also now work from home.

At DBA Accountants, we do not take ourselves as individuals too seriously but we do take our work – your financial needs – very seriously indeed!

The DBA Accountants Team are a cohesive group. The Stirling office is set up in an open plan arrangement. This enables instant communication between team members to facilitate the flow of work, transmission of information, and the support of all team members. The other strength of our company is – we are happy working in each other’s space. And yes! We actually all like each other. 🙂

Each team member knows clearly what their primary task is, and how to carry out their job efficiently, excellently, and within proposed time frames.

Meet the team…

Jodie Hutton FCPA, BCom, DFP, SSA


Okay, I’ll admit there are a lot of initials after my name – and I really don’t want to bore you with the details of what they all stand for. All you need is to know is that you can rest assured that I’ve put in the time and effort to make sure I know my stuff when it comes to helping you with your taxation, superannuation and wealth management processes. I am also an authorised representative of the SMSF Advisor Network.

Something else I need to share with you is that I love, love, love my job! Sometimes when I tell DBA Accountants clients this, they tend to laugh nervously as they try to work out if I’m crazy or not – after all how many people admit to loving accounting and tax?! Luckily the entire DBA Accountants Team does!

I started with DBA back in 1998 with a passion for helping people in business. Not long after I fell in love with the DBA philosophy of doing whatever it takes to assist our clients and then went on to become a director and part owner in 2003.

I am Perth-born and raised and I love spending time with my family and friends. My children make me laugh everyday, and while there isn’t much spare time with a young(ish) family, I enjoy whatever free time I have in my vegie garden or walking in the bush near my home.

Helen Heiw CPA, BCom

Senior Accountant

I joined DBA Accountants back in 2008 and never looked back!

As a member of CPA and a Registered Tax Agent, my responsibilities involve all forms of compliance work – from preparation of financial statements to tax returns and BAS preparation. I also deal with the ATO, organising DBA client’s tax debt affairs, resolving disputes, and even organise debt payment arrangements for clients to meet their tax obligations.

I genuinely enjoy working with DBA clients and have been branded “the most patient person on the planet” when it comes to providing support and assistance, particularly with bookkeeping eg. MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks. My secret? I’m a people-person who likes solving challenges!

In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love traveling and do my best to plan at least two overseas trips per year. And no – you’re safe – I’m not one of the ‘get out my 1,000 photos of my holiday’ kind of person! But if you do want to chat about my holiday destinations – I can share some fun stories. 🙂

Jason Huang CPA, BCom

Manager – Business Services

You could say I’m the “allrounder” in the DBA office. With a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Adelaide I perform accounting work helping businesses to succeed. I also become the most popular person in the team when anyone experiences computer challenges! And I can brag that I’ve performed more than a few handyman jobs in the office.

Life prior to Australia was in China – so I speak fluent Chinese Mandarin and some awkward Cantonese. I was once Chinese Top Five Ballroom Dancer and a great Coffee Brewster (still am!). Now I’ve settled in Perth and enjoy being a part of DBA Accountants.

When I’m not at work I spend most of my time with my family. I like to cook delicious food (of course I’m not biased!), match my kids in the ‘let’s go crazy’ department, get serious on the tennis court, and help my beautiful wife manage her flourishing fashion boutique and clothing manufacturing businesses.

Christina Cull

Bookkeeper and Office Administration

I am the newest member to the DBA team, however I have been around for over twenty years as a DBA client. I have firsthand experience as a business owner and as a Self-managed Super Fund Trustee. I understand what it is like to be juggling the running of a business, doing the paperwork, managing cash flow and getting the BAS in on time. I’m here to make everyone’s life easier, supporting Jodie and the team and supporting clients with their Admin and bookkeeping needs.

When I’m not in the office I am working on various side hustles and spending time with my family. I have a passion for travelling, cooking and reading about travelling and cooking. One of my favourite things is trying to replicate the recipe for great food I’ve eaten while on holiday. The ratio of photos of food to sightseeing hotspots on my phone after a trip is about 15:1

Brittany Prossor

Trainee Accountant / Administration Assistant

In my free time, wait… what free time?!!! If I could describe my life I would say… full… and that’s just the way I like it.

When I’m not helping clients increase their wealth through DBA Accountants specialised processes during the week, I’m completing my Bachelor of Commerce, double majoring in Accounting and Finance – and soon to be starting my honours.

Career aside, my fiancé and I have two beautiful dogs, a Maremma named Bella and an Alaskan Malamute named Axal who almost tower over my 5”2 frame but are really cute balls of fluff despite their appearance.

This full schedule doesn’t leave much time for anything else – but the great part is I love what I do. Helping people is my passion and DBA allows me to fulfil that need by assisting their large client base.

On the odd occasion when I do have some downtime you’ll find me under a tree ensconced with a book while my dogs play, watching theatre, or my favourite… indulging in a wholesome cooked meal with my loved ones.

Judy Footer

Accounts Administration

I joined the team at DBA Accountants back in August of 2008 – yes, I’ve been here over 10 years… and it feels like yesterday!

I’m in charge of DBA’s internal accounts and take care of debtor mangement… and I fulfill the role of arbitrator when a Secret Santa gift is found with no DBA Team name on it. 🙂

In my spare time I dance my way across the cruise ships of the world. What a life!