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DBA Accountants are business accountants. We understand the business of your business.

As a business owner or potential business owner, specialist business planning is imperative to give your business strong foundations and help it grow.

Did you know that the structure of your business – whether you choose to be a sole trader, partnership, company, or trust – can actually affect the amount of tax you pay, the future costs associated with maintaining that structure, the amount of paperwork involved, the steps involved with raising money, ownership arrangements, asset protection, and even the strategy involved with exiting the business at a later date.

Let us help you to setup your business from the beginning and take advantage of the best structure for your needs. If you are considering purchasing an existing business, then let DBA Accountants assist you with researching the feasibility of the investment.

If you have an existing business then DBA Accountants can analyse whether restructuring would be of any benefit to you. Restructuring should only be considered if it eases stress, improves your current situation while serving your long term goals, and saves you money. We know the challenges at each stage of business, whether start-up, growth, or transitioning ownership.

DBA Accountants can also help you with day to day business practices that allow your business to grow steadily and sustainably. These processes will also ensure your clients are kept happy, allow your business to run efficiently, and minimise stress on you and your team. On top of all of this, you have our commitment to learning about your business and industry. That way we can tailor the processes and any training you desire to suit your individual needs and unique circumstances. We can also assist you with Succession Planning to the next generation or in the instance of sale, helping highlight the tax implications that exist for a small business, eg. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief.

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Thinking About Your Business Structure

DBA Accountants offer Business Plans, Budgets and Forecasts, Succession Planning and processes for Asset Protection all aimed at ensuring positive outcomes for your business.

If you want an Accountant who is committed to your success, who gives you the attention you deserve, has the skills and expertise you can count on, and is here when you need them, then contact DBA Accountants today.