One of the most powerful business tools you can have is an up-to-date Business Cashflow Analysis (or forecast).

The Cashflow Analysis

The importance of cashflow in your business should never be underestimated. Cashflow is the blood flow of your business. Having regular cashflow creates financial stability and reduces your dependence on business overdrafts and loans. But cashflow isn’t just about day-to-day money in and money out… it’s also linked to making decisions about where your business is heading, when to sell – and even what to sell! This is where the Cashflow Analysis proves its worth.

Cashflow Analysis involves looking back at what worked and what didn’t. It also involves looking forward and planning for the future.

Cashflow Analysis for the purpose of improving your business can be super simple or in depth. An in depth analysis requires an eye for detail to assess anticipated – but realistic – sales income, as well as the ability to identify trends that affect sales and internal business and external factors that could impact cashflow. Extra incomings need to be taken into account such as tax refunds, grants and cash from asset divestment. And then direct and indirect expenses, such as payments to suppliers, wage increases, and loan repayments need to be considered.

The analysis will allow you to see whether your business is growing nicely or under-performing. If there is a sudden spike in cashflow or decrease, research can uncover what caused the difference.

The DBA Accountants Team love the challenge of performing research on your industry, tracking data and your business growth to create a reliable and usable Cashflow Analysis for your business. It allows you to plan and prepare for anticipated highs and lows, decide if you are in a position to offer wage increases, purchase new equipment, or need a business loan to cover a dry period.

Indeed, a Cashflow Analysis is an integral part of applying for finance – whether it be a new loan or refinancing of an existing loan. A lending entity needs the peace of mind that you can make good on your mortgage, commercial or investment loan repayments. For this reason you may feel the application process slightly overwhelming and that you’re forced to jump through hoops.

That’s where DBA Accountants come in…


We can help streamline the process of applying for finance – preparing documentation to support your application, including the Cashflow Analysis.

We can also assist you by finding the right loan for your goals. This advice is completely unbiased and focused on the benefit to you, as DBA Accountants act solely in your interest. We are independent of banks and lending institutions. We can work with your finance broker or can put you in touch with a broker we trust.

DBA can assist you by reviewing current finance arrangements for better rates or to help manage cashflow.

Let us know how we can help you with applying for finance, investigating your current loan arrangements, and even cashflow management with a Cashflow Analysis.